A Mobile Website in Drupal

How can you set up a website for mobile browsers in five hours?

First, we have websites that have RSS output, such as UPEI‘s website, so you can use Drupal to aggregate news and information from them. The mobile version should not generate content, but it serves only as an aggregator. Drupal’s cron job will automatically update feed items. UPEI’s mobile website aggregates feeds from UPEI websites, including media releases, department notices, and other feedable information.

Second, we use a mobile theme for Drupal as the basic theme for mobile browsers. This theme places blocks from top to bottom, including left sidebar, content top, and right sidebar. The navigation menu can be placed in the left sidebar. We also need to modify the template file page.tpl.php to suit our need, such as the header and footer and other signatures. We have to change

Third, we use an override stylesheet to provide extra styles for Webkit based browsers, such as MobileSafari on iPhone and Android’s browser. This stylesheet overrides font sizes and display element sizes and word break settings.

Then there is the final product (Use your iPhone!).