Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is an amazing service for those who want stability, scalability, and extensibility. Technically speaking, EC2 is an on-demand VPS (Virtual Private System) for which you pay when you need. EC2’s upside is that no customer service and additional payment transactions are involved if a server is “purchased.” EC2’s service is paid by instance hours. If an instance is not running, you do not need to pay for it. EC2’s instances support up to 8 cores and 17GB memory. Its elastic block store supports unlimited storage space that is pay-as-you-want.

Considering how unstable the MediaTemple (gs) that I am using, EC2 is the next round for me. EC2 provides better supported, more stable, flexible, and robust than any other VPS competitors in the market, iff you are geek-enough to use it.